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Hello from Hanay Geiogamah & the back-in-action American Indian Dance Theater in Los Angeles! I want to thank all of you who have been fans and supporters for AIDT over the past 20 years, fans from all across Indian Country and from around the world. I’ve got exciting news to share with you about our new full-length dance production, Ceremony for Mother Earth: A Healing. We now have the concept and rehearsal script completed and have mapped out a work schedule for the next three months—June into August—to begin creating this very special production, which dramatizes the most compelling challenge facing the Earth and the human race: the ecological crisis that gravely threatens our world and all the people, animals and life in it.
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We need your help to create Ceremony for Mother Earth:  A Healing and to share its urgent message of responsibility and healing with audiences across America and around the world.  This production will speak for all American Indians, all tribes, with the power, beauty and strength of dance, music and theatre.  


    We respectfully ask for your help in raising $50,000 to support the workshop development process for this new show.  We’ve planned a four-week-long creative session here in Los Angeles, after which we will present the introductory performances in tribal communities across Indian Country.

    Any amount you can contribute will help.* Please step forward and join an exciting creative adventure and the launching of the most spectacular, live American Indian show ever!!  Our deadline for raising this money is July 15, 2016

   We want to have the show up and running by mid August, so please show your support by making a contribution today—and please tell your family and friends about this opportunity. We will guarantee each person who contributes a ticket to a performance in or near your community when the show goes on tour. 

    We greatly appreciate your help, and we look forward to sharing this experience and production with all of you.  Aho.



Hanay Geiogamah

Artistic Director, the American Indian Dance Theater

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