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Dear friends and allies: The current immigration and refugee narrative across the United States is having detrimental impacts among young people. Day after day their value is belittled because of their identity; they are told their families are criminals and that family unity does not matter. Their safety and basic human rights are under threat. To address this crisis we are launching our project, Restoring Our Ancestral Knowledge to Live Our Indigenous Identities Across Borders, and we need your support! You can help us in three practical ways! Donate to this cause, refer youth to our program, and spread the word in your networks! Rooted in the belief that Art is Medicine, we are creating the first ever space for immigrant/refugee youth from México, Central and South America living in the D.C. area; many of whom are in fact indigenous, to build their resilience through their culture. This innovative project will take place September 5-14, 2017 as part of a collaboration between the International Mayan League, an all-volunteer indigenous organization and Grupo Sotz’il, a world renowned Maya Kaqchikel contemporary dance company from Guatemala. This is in alliance with our local community partners- the Centreville Immigration Forum and the Dance Institute of Washington. We have succeeded in raising 70% of the total amount needed! We are so close, help us raise $9000 to create this unique healing space rooted in indigenous culture, history, dance, and music from Central America! Be a part of changing the narrative of failure and terror. Join us in reclaiming our voice and celebrating the rich diversity and resilience of our youth! We appreciate your generous support! Chjonte, Gracias, Thank you - Juanita --- Juanita Cabrera Lopez Maya Mam Executive Director International Mayan League
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